The Good, Bad & Ugly of Traveling As A Couple


“Travel only with those who you love,” said Ernest Hemingway. Thousands of couples travel together all year round, proving that wandering along the old streets of Europe, meeting dawns on the shores of the Indian Ocean, and admiring the untouched beauty of the African prairies wouldn’t have been so memorable without a special someone.

Unfortunately, not everyone can agree on what to do on a romantic trip. Whether it's a long trip or a weekend together in another city – we know where to go, how to avoid disagreements and enjoy a joint adventure.

The main advantages of traveling together in comparison with solo traveling

Firstly, it's great when there’s a loved one by your side. Secondly, it’s more convenient – even a long road is more fun when you’re together. If you rent a car, you can take turns when driving, cheer each other in difficult situations, or cook something together. Thirdly, it’s much cheaper. Couples who travel together can rent a house, car, or a motorcycle for two at a fair price. In general, it’s always easier. For example, one of you can read maps, and the other can easily find a common language with locals.

It’s impossible to enjoy a journey alone. Isn’t it wonderful when there’s someone who can share the impressions of new places with you, especially if it's the closest person in your life?

Traveling together is more secure. Couples receive a much more welcoming treatment from locals than those who travel alone. People aren’t so suspicious towards them, especially if they are hitchhikers. Also, when traveling as a couple, it’s convenient to share responsibilities. One of you will have to look for the information on the Internet, preparing for a trip back home, browsing websites for days.

Tips for the couple planning their first joint trip

The most important thing is understanding. Couples that travel together need to take each other’s desires and preferences into account and be ready to compromise. Going on romantic trips together, people live a very bright and colorful life with unforgettable emotions and inexpressible impressions. And the outcome of their trip, whether it’s a severe test or a wonderful, exciting adventure, depends only on them.

If it's just a two-week vacation, then it’s better to relax and enjoy the trip. If this is a long journey, then you should discuss your interests and expectations and agree on what to do in case of a serious disagreement.

What problems can arise during a joint trip?

Life and the road are the same. The only difference is that in life, you need years to get to know your loved one, while on the road, this process takes days. When there are only two of you, you will inevitably face certain challenges. You can come across such problems as impatience, misunderstanding, closedness, disrespect, and rejection.

Relationships are a very complicated thing. Couples put them to the test every single day, but the most stringent test is, undoubtedly, a joint trip. Many couples break up and cut all contacts with each other after it.

It’s a joint trip that shows the true habits of a person and their behavior in different situations. Therefore, if there are any differences between people, they will show up.

When you live an “ordinary” life - go to work, meet with friends, etc., you see your partner only a few hours a day, and during the journey, you are together 24 hours a day. Besides, there are many unforeseen situations that will uncover your loved one’s negative traits. And don’t forget about conflicts of interest – you may want to spend a day on the beach, while your significant other may insist on seeing the sights and visiting museums. Try to avoid quarrels. After all, people travel together to strengthen their feelings.

*Guest Writer Aleksander Pichkur*

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