NOMADNESS is an award winning travel lifestyle brand. We represent the underrepresented demographic in mainstream travel through NOMADNESS Travel Tribe. We are the travel influencers and innovators. We are a tangible travel family of over 20,000 black and brown nomads, responsible for over $50,000,000 being injected into the travel industry annually. Our mission is to show the world that travel has no racial, gender, religious, economic, or interest limitations through our community representation and relevancy. We were first to represent the millenial travel demographic, and we are always looking to innovate our sector of the industry.

The NOMADNESS Travel Tribe, started by Evita Robinson, was the first to break ground in the urban travel movement in September 2011. Since then the Tribe has curated nearly thirty international group trips, has approaching fifty regional brand ambassadors, launched 'The NOMADNESS Project' web series Co-Executive Produced by Issa Rae and Evita, created the first conference in the U.S. targeting diverse millennial travelers of color #NMDN ALTERnative Travel Conference, crowdfunded over $40,000 for various projects including our 2013 HBCU RV Tour, created a travel apparel line at NOMADNESSMERCH.COM, and has given the first ever TED Talk on the black travel movement.  

With a prerequisite of having at least one passport stamp to enter, the Tribe proudly boasts over 100,000 passport stamps collectively and counting.


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