NOMADNESS is a travel lifestyle brand. We represent the under represented demographic in mainstream travel. We are the travel influencers and innovators. We are what was first, and what is next, in urban travel. We are a tangible travel family of over 10,000+. We show the world that travel has no ethnic, religious, or economic limitations. 

The Nomadness Travel Tribe, as started by Evita Robinson, was the first to break ground in the urban travel movement in September 2011. Since then the Tribe has curated over twenty international group trips (ranging from 10-34 members), has launched their web series 'The NOMADNESS Project' Co-Executive Produced by Issa Rae and Evita Robinson, as well as created an edgy travel apparel line at NOMADNESSMERCH.COM

Nomadness has crowd funded over $40,000 for various projects, including their 2013 HBCU RV Tour that took them on the road driving from NYC to Los Angeles.

With a prerequisite of having at least one passport stamp to enter, the Tribe proudly boasts over 30,000 passport stamps collectively....and counting.


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