There was a recent #GlitchFare that our always opportunistic Tribe jumped on for travel to gorgeous Guatemala. Our own Jani Green recently spent some time in the city Antigua and shares a an amazing review for those of you putting your plans together. Check out this snippet then hop over to the full review! 



Breathtakingly beautiful, rustic, and luxurious… Bienvenidos a Casa Santo Domingo.

Located in the old city of Antigua, Guatemala: Casa Santo Domingo is a gem of the Americas.  The outside of Casa Santo Domingo is humble with plain walls and barely any signage while every aspect of the inside is breathtaking.  And it’s reputation precedes itself as people staying all over the city venture to explore all the hotel has to offer.

See, Casa Santo Domingo used to be a covenant and sanctuary that sheltered followers of the order of Santo Domingo De Guzmán.  Today the hotel is a monument and museum of ancestral and colonial america.  While exploring the grounds you will find tombs of fallen holy men, museums, candle factories, a chocolate factory, a church, banquet halls, traditional Mayan artisans, restaurants, bars, fountains, a spa, pools all with exotic birds chirping and flying overhead.  It is a fascinating juxtaposition of the old and the new, the ancient and the modern, and of nature and man.

Service-wise, it is phenomenal.  The staff is warm and helpful.  The rooms are large and clean and there is just enough attention to detail to make it worth every quetzal but not so much that the stay feels inorganic. It’s perfect.

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