We can't even begin to explain how geeked we are to finally announce our partnership with Quarterly Co.!! 
Starting TODAY!! you can find Evita/Nomadness on Quarterly Co.'s site and SUBSCRIBE to her box. There you will get surprise gifts in the mail, curated by Evita that surround travel, creative entrepreneurship, and 'kick your butt' motivation. That injection of inspiration that you need! Every quarter, get your dose of it!
The process is super easy:
2. SUBSCRIBE to Evita's Box
3. Wait for the quarter to finish...and one day you come home to this box you totally forgot about, and there are amazing gifts inside that will make you want to run into the house and take over the world ;-)
One hint! My first box is centered around the theme: FIND YOUR TRIBE!!
Too excited for this ;-) Sign up and spread the word.