Sitting on this small area that our ten foot tall windows open up to in Barcelona, red wine sipped at the equivalent of 11:30am in New York City, yet 5:30pm here in Spain. I'm overwhelmed with all this trip has been. My second time to the country, something I'm not known for doing, and an entirely new experience it is indeed.

Barcelona, my love-- I am seduced.

It isn't so much a not wanting to leave, as it is a prepartory gameplan on how to come back on a more permanent basis. I think back to the brief encounter I've had here with a man named Scott. He is Japanese, and unintentionally drawing. I have a little crush- but I digress. He spoke about living all around the world, specifically Cali and NYC, but how Barcelona has been home over the last three years. He used a word I'm used to -- hustle -- in thecontext that one can do so in Barcelona, legally, and live. I'm still a bit skeptical and awe-stricken, but we exchanged information and I look forward to the point where we can chop this up, because I'm seriously giving some things consideration. I'm learning...

I can be calm. I realize more and more the S&M relationship I have with NYC is like a constant assault on my senses, particularly the neighborhood I live in. My stresses are still the same here. I worry about the same things, yet I finda space not to here, and it's much more difficult, on the verge of impossible in the spot I call home.  

My paradise involves more than water. About a year ago, a tribe member posted a photo (I want to say) of Maldives and asked where everyone's personal paradises are. I remember writing that the water would grow to bore me day in and day out and that I needed the energy of a city nearby to keep me inspired, creating, and stimulated. My paradise includes culture, street art, wine, attractive human beings, diverse human beings, and water somewhere easily accessible. Well...... in an alleyway close to Placa Reial, I sit writing this post with a glass of red wine, my laptop, and inspiration for a number of posts and status updates to come. I am at my best when, right now. I am in the middle of my personal paradise, and I don't know what it's supposed to make you feel like, but I have been smiling for no reason a lot. A lot like NYC in the summertime, but not so much in the winter.

My life will consist of three B's. Brooklyn, Bali, Barcelona. I have visited all three-- yet, it's time to live. These will be homes.

Traveling with an ex can be awkward if not checked properly. Again, just a personal observation.

Topless beaches, where thirst is to a minimum, are kind of my thing.

Tattoos create a lust unbareable for me. I was taken by surprise at how dope the ink culture is here. there are tattoo parlours all over the place and the amount of work I've seen done on people is amazing. I see half and full sleeves more than any other tattoo type out here.

Dining in the dark is a LIFETIME MUST DO EXPERIENCE.......but only with the right people. The term, shit gets real comes to mind. Dans Le Noir in Barcelona was absolutely amazing. It's anxiety producing, sensory overload in many ways, as your most dominant one is stripped from you. The emotional state you are brought to when having a conversation, in the dark I feel is rare and unqiue to that specific circumstance and those around you. You must be free and embrace. The fact that the waiters are blind, is such a powerful element to the entire experience. In life, they rely on us. As the host said to us "In the dark, the blind is King. Listen everything they say." And that was the truth. When lining up to go in they say the person with the least amount of fear should go in first. Before I was even able to gauge my level of fear, the Tribe had thrust me to the front. Alex, our waiter, turned around and instructed me to put my hand on his shoulder, as that is how we all walked in, forming a line. When Alex turned aroudn I couldn't help but read his shirt.

"There is no blindness, just ignorance."

That was my silent cry moment, walking in, behind curtain one, then curtain two, into complete (can't see your hand in front of your face) darkness. That, was the beginning...

This trip, these people, this city. Nomadness.


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