Hard to fathom that the Nomadness RV was officially underway and approaching the first stop. Along our trip, not only will we be presenting to schools about the importance of travel and diversity, but Nomadness Tribe members have organized meet ups for us along the route, from New York City to Los Angeles.

Our first stop was with member, Stacey G. ­­­who put together a feast as we hit Delaware. Many of the Philly members came down to welcome the RV Crew into the gates of the Oberod Estate. We were merely given an address.  Unbeknownst to us, the area was noted specifically for being active on the Underground Railroad. We were guided around the compound, during twilight hours, searching everything from hidden doors, to travel décor around this multi-level landmark.

Being an urban travel group, primarily African-American, it was poignant to have the first stop on the entire tour be a place associated with many of our ancestors, and their journeys North. It was an emotional start for the RV Crew, and exactly the type of inspiration needed to send us off along the rest of the country.  A remembrance, a moment in time that allowed us to breathe, and set the tone for how influential this tour actually will be, for students and ourselves. Perspective from the underground, as we travel, in a thirty foot long RV,  over ground.