1. Name: Teri Johnson

2. Company name: Travelista TV

3. Location (City, State):: NYC

4. Year Company Was Started: 2008

5. Website Address/Social Media Handles for Twitter And/Or Instagram:


@TravelistaTV (for instagram & twitter)

@TravelistaTeri (for instagram & twitter)

 6. In two sentences what does your company do/brand represent?

 Travelista TV features the official Travelistas, Andrea and Teri, and their team of female travelers, journeying around the globe filming the best in culture, lifestyle, cuisine, hotels, and entertainment. Travelista TV is a BRAND and PRODUCTION COMPANY with DISTRIBUTION to various outlets in print, video, and social media.

7. Pro of being the face of your own brand?

I get more opportunities to work as an ambassador with bigger brands with healthy budgets. I also get opportunities to travel around the world and get paid for it.

8. Con of being face of own brand?

Balancing which brands and projects to persue at various times.

9. Mental Mentors (up to 3, Who inspires you?)

Oprah, My grandfather, Anthony Bourdain

10. Inspirational quote that speaks to your business acumen:

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau 

11. How does the mission of Nomadness (living a life without boundaries, both literally and figuratively) fall in line with steps you have taken building your brand? 

Living a life without boundaries has been a way of life for me since I was a child. I started traveling internationally when I was twelve and the experiences I’ve had living, studying and working in other countries has led me to live a life without borders and boundaries. In building the Travelista TV brand, my business partner and I have been steadfast in our goal to travel the world, share our experiences, and inspire others to travel. After traveling to 55+ countries, being published in 8 publications, appearing on NBC, the Travel Channel, The Fine Living Network and BET, I know the path I’ve chosen to build the Travelista TV brand was for me.

Travelista TV, Nomadness and a community of multicultural bloggers are changing the world’s perception about international travel and opening the eyes of Fortune 500 companies who are looking to tap into this growing travel demographic. It is our goal at Travelista TV to continue to provide engaging travel related video and editorial content that inspires everyone to travel, become more open-minded and enjoy the richness that the experiences bring.