1. Name: A.V. Perkins

2. Company name: Tic Tac Wax

3. Location (City, State): Brooklyn, NY

4. Year Company Was Started: 2012

5. Website Address/Social Media Handles for Twitter And/Or Instagram:

 www.tictacwax.com pinterest: tictacwax Fan page: www.facebook.com/tictacwax

6. In two sentences what does your company do/brand represent?

Tic Tac Wax is for people who like to have fun while adding unique novelty items to their decor.  Environmental conscious individuals who never lost their child like imagination.

7. Pro of being the face of your own brand?

When you are aligned with your brand by being the face everything develops organically.

8. Con of being face of own brand?

No off days even when you don't feel being "on." Your voice becomes the message of the brand which can be bad if unaware.

9. Mental Mentors (up to 3, Who inspires you?)

Sir Richard Branson, Oprah, Martha Stewart.

10. Inspirational quote that speaks to your business acumen:

"Great things are not done by impulse, but a series of small things put together"- Vincent Van Gogh

11. How does the mission of Nomadness (living a life without boundaries, both literally and figuratively) fall in line with steps you have taken building your brand? 

It is in our motto "Where your imagination gets to light up!"  Only thing that limits us is our own imagination we don't acknowledge boundaries.