This weekend had me en route to Baltimore, Maryland. Used to going through it, on the way to DC, I found myself spending the whole day at Morgan State University. One of the most amazing Tribe members, Lynn Middleton, got her Deltas together on the campus and they sponsored the first stop on the Nomadness College Tour. The gratitude I have for Morgan State is immeasurable right now. They took a chance on me. In one school day, I spoke in two Enterpreneur classes, and killed the main event of the evening. From 7-9pm, in the Student Center, I was gifted with the open minds and open hearts of over 100 Morganites. They heard my story, my fears, my inspirations, my life. 

I had nearly a two hour conversation with the director of their Study Abroad department.

Below are two hysterical clips of the 'Stereotypes' portion of the evening presentation. Enjoy, and please spread the word. If you are a student and would like to have Nomadness roll through your campus please feel free to contact me through the 'contact.' tab above.

Much gratitude sent to Lynn, William, Sharita, Michelene, Mr. Niba, and Shade for Skyping in all the way from Kazakhstan. Amazing, amazing, experience...