Everytime I hear this song, I just smile and say "Hi, Rudi." I firmly believe that this song is one of the many ways he makes sure I don't forget about him...which could never happen.

2 years have flown. 2 years ago I had one of the worst days of my life, hearing about Rudi's death. To have a friend, ex, college companion, and road dog taken from you like that is still unremarkable. I've since, seen ages he'll never have the opportunity to. I gaze around my apartment. What people don't know is that any of the artwork that I have in this place, was given to me by him. Reminders everywhere of what he'd do for me, and what he did do.

And his work has gotten greater, since his transformation. I KNOW, with certainty that his hands and heart have been a part of what I've been able to create. He would bet everything on me. This is the same man that handed me blank checks at my lowest low and told me to just hit him before I cashed anything, but to be generous. They went unused and stay as a memorial in my journals. This man and all he gave. The person who said he'd stay at home and take care of kids while I traveled the world, at 22 years of age. He saw the vision sometimes before I did. The business and number cruncher behind my creative vision. There is a great irony that just now strikes me. If Evita ever had a #1 fan, it was Rudi. So I know that while I'm working in the physical world, he's pulling some major strings in the world beyond us. This angel's work is never done. And as per usual, I know he's making sure his ViVi succeeds.

I will not disappoint. See I don't just have promises to keep in this life, but I got people checking in on the other side too. Love and miss you Rudi.

Spin in Peace DJ Genius.