Came across this here article from Tribe member, Kenji Summers, and I found it facsinating. In it, 20 cities, around the world, are identitified for their lending hand to the creative process.


Their order is as follows:

1. Sao Paulo, Brazil

2. Hong Kong, China

3. Beijing, China

4. Berlin, Germany

5. London, United Kingdom

6. New York, United States

7. Syndey, Australia

8. Singapore, Malaysia

9. Istanbul Turkey

10. Rio, Brazil

11. Capetown, South Africa

12. Tokyo, Japan

13. Seattle, United States

14. Mexico D.F.

15. Shanghai, China

16. San Francisco, United States

17. Dubai, UAE

18. Los Angeles, Unites States

19. Moscow, Russia

20. Abu Dhabi, UAE

I've been to LA, NYC, Tokyo, Berlin, Hong Kong.

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