Anytime I hear the word, it correlates directly to one of my childhood favorite films, Monster Squad. Think the rejected, Goonies, for a crowd with a looser tongue and smarter mouth.

So, I sit back, in my position within this travel industry, pondering if travel shows on cable tv are bogus.  I still have a psuedo age inappropriate crush on Anthony Bourdain, but I won't delve too far into that. It's same same. I've said this very openly in the past that sometimes I don't know if I'm watching shows about travel, or food. Everyone is eating, just in a different place. My ADD can't entertain that for too long before going postal.

It's no secret that if we had to delve into the Nomadness history of what came first (the chicken or the egg) that the webseries catapulted ideas for everything else. Nomadness TV launched in February 2010. The Tribe, not until September 2011. Not a huge amount of time, but enough to see there is a distinction.

And...hands down, getting the travel television series has been the most difficult of all to launch. I have to be obsessed, or else I would have given up at this point. I say bogus, not out of disrespect, but because I am certain that the Nomadness voice is different. It's unlike ANYTHING out there! Nothing is touching it. 

And that is what keeps me going! That is what is going to have me up until whatever time a night/early morning for the next week, plugging away at this footage and producing a kick ass document of our trip in Dominican Republic. 

When you know you are great. When you know something great is, daily, being produced at the edge of your don't just fade out lightly. You fight until the world, all of it, knows your name and your mission.