I do after this past Sunday night.

The Tribe's 1 Year anniversary party was utterly amazing. Over 150 people showed up throughout the night. We had members fly in from as far as Dubai, Haiti, and London. On one night, we were able to make the world a little bit smaller by getting this amazing group of people under the same roof.

Hosted at White Rabbit in NYC, sponsored by both Miss Jessie's Hair Care and Brooklyn's first hip-hop hotel, Hotel BPM, the night was more than I anticipated. 

To watch a dream come to light, then turn 1 Year old. To sit back and watch a room full of people who met online. To be able to give Awards and give thanks to those who have helped along the way to the top. As I stated that night, it wasn't about me. It was about them. It was the opportunity for them to meet, and for me to say thank you, in person, to many of them for their membership to the group.

Shouts out to our Photographer: Pete Monsanto of FlyLyfeImages for all the images of the evening!!!

And...I've said it before and will say it again...I've created the most attractive collective of travelers in the world! Hands down. No one can tell me different. Whew chile! The gratitude I have for them all is immeasurable.

If you don't believe me, peep the photos from Sunday night HERE!

Keith made me cry while Blue picked his teeth. lol. Blue is going to kill me.

Shouts to DJ Poon who kept is going for the night!

We got it in!

The Wobble

here's to Year #2!