I wake up and by habit I always check my phone before I leave the bed. I want to see what I can sort out via phone before my feet even touch the ground. It's more comfortable that way. For some reason, I check Twitter first, and see this Tweet connected to me by @VIBEVixen...ok. Further reading and it becomes clear, that even with my sweats on, crusty eyes, and bedhead that VIBE Vixen were cool enough to grant me the title of Vixen of the Day.

I can't front..it's pretty fly! Pretty cool! And I'm filled with gratitude. 3rd day of the year, and 2nd write-up. I am NOT mad at all! 2012 is starting off just as intended! Keep it moving!


Shouts out to Tribe member and HEAVY world traveler (we're talking 40+ countries) Oneika for bringing this amazing video, Edith Piaf cover, in my life. Check out more of their music at madmoizelle.com

Great morning...

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