Meet Abigail Mott.

I met Abigail tonight while walking to the 4 train, at the Union Square Street Station in NYC. My favorite park and station in all of New York City, mainly due to the performances both outside and inside, and the cesspool of types of people that journey through it's underbelly. I've seen quite a few performances here, from dancers, to beatboxing, to folk singing, but tonight it was something rather silent that yelled so loud.

A young lady (Abigail) has a typewriter (love), a table and chair set up, and a sign. "Name a price. Pick a Subject. Get a poem." It doesn't matter the price. Follow directions and you are blessed with a unique piece of art based around whatever you ask her to create. Before long, a line forms and you're mesmorized by her typing keys, anxious to see what it is she has created for you.

"Can you create something about traveling the world," I asked.


(Abigail creating my poem)

About five minutes later, I was handed a piece of paper. I would have asked her to read it to me (a la 'Before Sunrise') but her line was already long enough. I left so fulfilled and I hadn't even read the poem yet.

I wanted something that could be dedicated to the Tribe. It reads:

'Murmuring through ancient hallways,

Cobble steps that echo

memorous feelings of THIS ManMade


is IT

New Centuries Eclipse--

Fields, stones, nature in lushness

It sweeps by

in ceaseless wind

Fluttering new worlds in."

Abigail Mott

Jan 10, 2012


I love it. It immediately, upon reading, transported me back to Cambodia. Of all the places I've traveled, it took me right back to Ta Prohm, in the Angkor Wat Ruins, to this very photo.

The image I recollected was so vivid I couldn't shake it.

On the train a gentleman was sitting next to me. In oblivion, I was woken up by his words, "Sorry to be reading over your shoulder, but that poem is very beautiful."

I said thank you, and that slight introduction led to an indepth conversation about Abigail, my travels, and the purpose I intend to fulfill through Nomad•ness. Great guy. Greater conversation. I hope he checks out the website, and I hope you all check out Abigail.