The Nomad•ness family is growing for sure. Shout out to the fellas of Heirport Clothing. Tarik and Dean, are really doing their thing with this line.

With a line, primarily men's wear, on a mission to represent those who take flight in life. Those who 'live on a higher plane'. Those who go outside of the confines, and boundaries placed upon them. Those who dare to live and let live. These men have a solid following and I'm definitely a fan. 

They were the very first clothing line to approach me after the first episode of Nomad•ness dropped. Potential partnerships coming soon. I'm definitely an advocate for what these guys are doing. I adore them all. I really do.

Their expertise in the world of fashion led me down to Water Street in Brooklyn over the weekend. The Trunk show was phenomenal, and PACKED. To think, I was only there for the last hour of it.

It sparked so many ideas for what can be done with DRT•BGs, and I'm calling it now, in 1 year, we will be in a place with the bags where we WILL be a vendor at this show. Target demographic was all up and down that trunk show. LOVE IT!

For more info on Heirport Clothing CLICK HERE!