Taken from the post of a dear friend, Chanelle, on Facebook I had no choice but to re-post this article. The orgininal is here. In it, the author ventures into the world that is today, and asks, what do we need more of? What do we need less of? As a people, where are our priorities?

No lie, this list struck me because I am battling with many of these points myself. One thing I need more of, both giving and receiving is love and compassion.

Sometimes it's a good starting point to just have it all written down, and look at it. Time to digest.

What do you need, more or less?

Information Wisdom
Shallow billionaires Passionate teachers
Self-promotion Self-awareness
Multitasking Control of our attention
Inequality Fairness
Sugar Lean protein
Action Reflection
Super sizes Smaller portions
Private jets High-speed trains
Calculation Passion
Experts Learners
Blaming Taking responsibility
Judgment Discernment
Texting Reading
Anger Empathy
Output Depth
Constructive criticism Thank-you notes
Possessions Meaning
Righteousness Doing the right thing
Answers Curiosity
Long hours Longer sleep
Complaining Gratitude
Sitting Moving
Selling Authenticity
Cynicism Realistic optimism
Self-indulgence Self-control
Speed Renewal
Emails Conversations
Winning Win-win
Immediate gratification Sacrifice