The people that the Tribe has brought into my life doesn't cease to amaze me, at this point.

It is a plethora of traveling geniuses in my book, that have all (and continue to) grow and multiply by mass numbers right before my eyes. We ARE each other's best resources of information. Getting better acquainted with member of the group, I came across Kumi. Currently holding down Oakland, CA, Kumi is a master of branding in the field of apparel, but a savant to what it means to build a successful brand through the medium of Facebook. When I look at Nomad•ness in what I still consider its infancy, ok maybe toddler stage, I look to Kumi's work as study material. He and his partners have trailblazed what it is to do business and branding on Facebook by launching one of the most (like Top 10) successful Fanpages the social network has ever seen.

Join the OVER 5,500,000 members of the 'I love being Black' movement on Facebook. I'd like to say that the page and originators have been showing Nomad•ness so much love and I really do look forward to how we can be of service to one another. Cross-pollination was the word that kept coming up in our convo.

So, yes will my FULL ON ENDORSEMENT... I'd like to introduce the Nomad•ness Travel family to the 'I Love Being Black' family. Whether you are Black by default or not (smile) I encourgae you to support their movement as well. Well love everybody up in here!