I've been dodging the journal this week. Anytime that happens, it's when I need to be writing in it most.

A lot going on...nothing new.

Except, I had a date last night. A really lovely date. Impromptu, I was wisked around NYC with no where to go fast. An amazing sushi spot, led to great conversation over a glass of wine, led to first impressions...

Many times, especially as everything I do gets more notariety, I wonder what people think of me when we first meet in person.

One of my favorite, and cleverly titled books is "What You Think Of Me Is None Of My Business". Though this is true when shit tends to hit the fan in life, and you need moments of self reflection without the 'noise' of others. I think the idea of these types of first personal impressions are different. I have had so many in such a condensed period of time, and it got the brain going.

Tribe Meet Ups in NYC. Date(s). Hosting events. And an on the spot pitch of Nomad•ness TV Series on the job, before my mid-morning cup of hot chocolate.

Tons of first impressions, in a short period of time... I cant help but wonder how it all comes across. The projects, and me.