If you've traveled through parts of South East Asia, namely Cambodia and Thailand (I've even heard it as far as India) you will hear, and see, the saying "same same, but different".

This popped into my head today, after reflecting on the Nomad•ness Travel Tribe last night.

Yes, it describes us as a Tribe. Same interest. Same unyielding love for travel. But, well...different. We operate different. Navigate a situation differently. Some diffuse with humor, others with a deliberate sense. I like to attempt at using perspective.

As I get older I realize the power and miscommunication that can come from not acknowledging someone else's perspective. It's why, even if I am 100% against someone's opinion, I'll still let it rock, even in my own forums. But, best believe I will let the reactions rock too. It's only fair.

Back to the quote though... Sunday is the first ever meetup of the merely 3 week old Nomad•ness Travel Tribe. Right now we are on a track of averaging about 100 new members a week. This group is a monster.

Sunday, the Tri-state (and Philly) crew get to meet each other in person for the very first time. I even got a private message from a member today saying they may fly in for it. Philly is coming via bus. I don't think they know how much this Tribe, and how its breaking into clusters around the world (London meetup in November) is a true manifestation of a dream of mine.

I couldn't find the travel group that I felt I could identify with the most...so I created it. It's like watching a seed grow......extremely fast.

I keep telling myself, "Don't cry on Sunday." Although I probably will just off of the humor of these characters. But it's because I do, sometimes, get highly emotional when something I create comes into fruition...and works. They get it! They get the family-like vibe. They're even getting peeks at my vision for the group. (If they only really knew).

So yea... Same same, but different. I want to ask them this on Sunday, and make it a wordly ritual. We know where we're alike but what makes us individually stand out? What is your uniqueness that makes you same, same, but different?

(thank each and every one of you so much.)