Get your head out of the gutter.

I have literally been inhaling food over the last three days. I don't really process it, and I'm not quite sure how much I actually chew. The cravings have been through the roof. PMS, ovulation, somrthing has taken ahold of my ass and in three days Ive downed three Snickers bare (I don't even like Snickers), two Thai milkshakes, a 10-sheet of seaweed chips, and a small vanilla swirl cake from 7-11.

It took me a long time, during losing my nearly sixty pounds to trust my cravings, especially during this time. As a woman, our body just goes through shit, monthly and it's better I eat the desired number of Snickers than for me to eat every other damn thing in the house in it's place.

PMS'd out, celibate, and living solely off chocolate and crap for the last three days...the saga continues...