My loyal readers know that on June 17th, 2010 one of my closest friends, Rudi Joseph aka DJ Genius, died in a motorcycle crash.

Nearly two months after the fact, the emotions this past week have come with a vengence. Yesterday, walking through my old college campus, the tears were as plentiful as the memories.

In Rudi's death, a number of positive things emerged. Possibly number one on my list, is the work of this man pictured above. Mr. Ivory Snow is from Connecticut and was a creative collaborator with Rudi.

I remember getting emails and phone calls from Rudi, while I was living in Japan, with him like "Yo V, I need you to hear this song Ivory did. I want your feedback." Some of those conversations even turned personal, in him revealing some of the issues that would eventually dismantle the group they had formed "Class of '89."

Simply said, I have a skeptical ear, and I don't co-sign much in the way of current underground hip-hop.

This gentleman here gets my utmost respect and support. You can download his newly debuted album HERE for free!

Pay attention to the track "Transform". It's Ivory's own account of dealing with the loss of Rudi (Genius) and his grandmother).

He's also the creator of the upcoming Nomad•ness theme song, to be debuted in the next episode...

I help those who help themselves!

Here's to Ivory and Genius!