That’s how long it’s been since I’ve returned back to New York City from living in Japan for a year.

That’s how long the man in the photo above has been able to see my face, call at leisure, meet me in the city, spend the night, eat my food, and love me in person.

Now, I have to prepare to leave him again. A much shorter time, but a just as far destination.. I just returned from a VERY extended stay in Asia, and now I’m headed back.

I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t say it was bittersweet.

There is a love between us that I truly feel is unfathomable to us both, and we're in it. Days when 'bitch' should be branded across my forehead (yesterday) he's still there. Not only is he there, but he's feeding the cat and taking out the trash, telling me to go sit my ass down and finish editing videos for work.

As artists, we understand that our relationship and lifestyle is going to be far from generic. Truth be told, I believe that's part of why we're both in it. This is the good shit. I am so grateful to be teamed with him. Plus, we're dork. Thus, we have to tick together.

I don’t know if anyone going on this excursion is in a relationship at the moment. I’m guessing that I am the only one. The honorary mascot to show the world if these controversial things called long distance relationships actually work.

The crowd holds their breath……

PS. We got this!

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