Every once in awhile, there is a film that speaks to the core of your values and life. There's a film that guts you, whether from controversy or from truth.

I remember one day, while working at truTV, I had a co-worker Seida come up to me.

"Have you ever heard of the book Eat, Pray, Love. Evita it reminds me of your life so much. I love the way it's written. It's a little slow when she gets to India in the second part, but she reminds me of you so much. I can picture you writing a book like this one day," she said.

I responded,"No but I keep seeing people reading it on the subway. What's it about?"

Seida continued her pitch, " Oh my God you have to read it. It's about a woman who gets a divorce, then quits her job, and travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia on this trip to go find herself. It's something I could picture you doing."

I bought the book the next day. I finished the book three days later. I loved it, especially the India part. This conversation took place in Summer 2008. Little did I know that two months after it I'd be in Edinburgh, Scotland, three months after that I'd be living in Japan, and eleven months after that I'd be on my own trek around India. In conjunction with the travels, I'd start writing my own memoir. That which I am now approximately 170 pages into right now....funny how the Universe works.

I LOVED the book, and am a bit of a skeptic of the book to film transition. But this one, I HAVE to go see.

For all the women out there. For all the true life livers out there. For all the travelers out there. This film is the story of just one of us. Don't worry mine is coming...

Between Basquiat and Eat Pray Love I'll be spending this weekend at the theater.