In the immediate future, I have the trip to Thailand looming. Far from bleak, I'm just wrapping my head around everything that is involved with it. Like, money.

In true Evie form though, I plan ahead in future goals a lot. It's a good thing, although I know practicing Buddhists would tell me I need to live more in the moment. Thus is true as well, but I get invigorated at new goals, and ultimately reaching or surpassing them.

All that's to say, I am considering a move to Los Angeles in about a year and a half. All over Facebook I have a ton of friends speaking on this city. I feel like the Universe is sending me a sign to become my own inquiring mind.

So I'm coming to my readers.

If you live in LA or have traveled there...what do you love? hate? Be brutally honest, as I've only been there for the Elevate Film Festival, with less than a 48 hour turn around.

Leave a comment for sure. I want everyone to speak their piece on this one.