Every once in awhile, while traveling, there's an event that you miss out on attending that hits your heart.

Last year, it was Christmas and possibly Halloween.

This autumn day in Thailand, it was the taping of BET's Black Girls Rock! Awards.

For those of you who don't know the Black Girls Rock! non-profit, enlighten yourself. It is one of the first community organizations in the city that showcased women of color in an artistic, beautiful, and intelligent light.

For years, you could say that I have been the antithesis of a supporter of BET's pursuits. I say this with a clear conscious and complete certainty in being an educated woman, the scattered ass gets old quick. I simply stopped watching the channel.

Then I talk to my other half, see the roll call on Twitter, am overwhelmed by the status updates on Facebook, all pertaining to the filming of last night's Black Girls Rock.

Shot in the Bronx's own Paradise Theater, apparently it was a night to remember and all the female stars were out.

Has BET redeemed itself? I don't know if I could go that far...but I will tune in on Nov. 7th to witness the monumental event unfold...even if I have to go to a friend's house because I think I blocked the channel. (Just keeping it real...)

As current on my own Twitter and Facebook pages...I wonder what type of work could be done over the next year to have Nomad•ness affiliated with the Black Girls Rock awards of 2011...